Can diameter: 1000x1200

production year: 1985

Offer Type For Sell
brand SAVIO
model RVC 12V
Can diameter 1000x1200
production year 1985
quantity 2 pc
location Europe
state used
msv code 7176

Savio RVC 12V

year 1985

quantity: 2 pcs

max power 12.4 kW

input 2x5 can (1000x1200mm)

output can, 2 sliver (700x1000mm)

automatic canchanger bobbins

needles field: width 228 mm, depth 130 mm

denisty of needles 6 by 10 mm

max feed rate 50 m/min

lenght: 8840 mm

width: 2300 mm

height: 2025 mm

production capacity: 230 kg/h

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