Bentomata Polysius Karl Menzel Bentizol nonwoven line

production year:

Offer Type For Sell
brand Bentomata Polysius Karl Menzel
model Bentizol nonwoven production line
quantity 1 set
location Europe
state used
msv code 1812
BENTOMATA, Polysius, Karl Menzel, Bentizol nonwoven production line aggregate for the production of Bentizol nonwovens used for lining and garbage dumps, water reservoirs, etc. Technology description: 1) The aggregate is used for the production of spunbonded nonwovens, Bentizol, three - layered. The bottom layer is a polypropylene fabric, middle bentonite powder, while the top layer is a polyester nonwoven. 2) The basis weight of manufactured nonwovens 3.000 - 5.400 g/m2 3) Production speed 1.2 - 2.5 m/min 4) Maximum width 210 cm Line is excellent condition, fully functional.

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